Book Review: ‘Hunter Killer’ Is The Next Thrilling Pike Logan Novel

They did it. They pissed off Pike Logan. And a pissed off Pike Logan is not good for the bad guy. What was a family get together turned out to be a tragedy in Charleston at the home of Pike and Jennifer. Someone close to him dies. And it was meant for Pike. Now Pike is on the warpath. His dark side is showing signs of returning which isn’t good for him, Jennifer and anyone that gets in his way.

He goes on the offensive to figure out who is after him. It leads him to some Russians and Brazil where he heads with Jennifer, Aaron and Shoshana and this is not approved by the taskforce (which has shut down operations for the moment). At the same time Knuckles and Brett are on a job in Brazil and are on a boat that has been taken hostage. It has to do with the same thing that Pike is investigating. It involves politics and oil fields and an upcoming election.

Pike and his crew are on offensive the whole time and slowly find out what’s going on and who is involved. And like all Pike Logan novels there are massive shootouts and casualties along the way. It all leads to a thrilling finale atop a mountain to save a candidate and at a house to save a woman and her young child.

The questions are will Pike lose himself along the way and also lose his team members. And then a shocking end to the book you won’t see coming.

Author Brad Taylor has once again topped himself with this latest book. The action scenes are incredible and throw in little teases about things that may or not happen. The characters all seem to be maturing a bit more in this story and that includes Shoshana, who at times is the voice of reason. If you’re a fan of the action, thriller genre jump right in with this one. You don’t have to have read previous books in the series. Each is written like a stand alone with enough info given on who is who so the reader understands.

And based on the ending I am really excited to see where it goes from there. Just a shame it will be a looooong wait!

You can pick up Hunter Killer in stores on Tuesday, January 7th from Morrow.

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