Book Review: ‘How Y’All Doing?’ Is A Great Look At Leslie Jordan’s Life

Actor Leslie Jordan is most known for his role on Will & Grace as Beverly. But there’s so much more to him than just that role. In his awesome new book he tells the story of his life and also tells great stories, that make this a most enjoyable book to read. From his early life of losing his father and being in the closet and his mother not accepting his life. He tells a great story about how Carrie Fisher told Debbie Reynolds about his relationship with his mother and she called and talked to her and help her understand. To his roles in American Horror Story to stories of being on the road doing shows. Leslie holds nothing back and by the time you finish the book you have a lot more respect and love for him. And if you’re on Instagram you need to follow him. He’s so funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

You can pick up How Y’All Doing? in stores on Tuesday, April 27th from Morrow.

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