Book Review: ‘How To Fake It In Hollywood: A Novel’ By Ava Wilder

The debut novel from author Ava Wilder is a fun romance, with well-written characters that your root for to be together. It’s also a great look at Hollywood and how things work. A great start to her writing career. Set in Hollywood, two stars agree to pretend to be a couple to get their careers moving forward. There’s Grey Brooks, who starred in a teen soap for six years and is up for a part in a big movie. And A-List star Ethan Atkins, who has won an OScar and who has been on a hiatus for years after the loss of his best friend and business partner Sam. Ethan is rich and a shut-in these days and often drinks a lot. They both agree to a six month fake relationship and a series of public appearances. They soon grow close and it turns into something more. Both have trust issues, a scandal in the press and Ethan’s demands soon prove to be too much. Can they overcome their issues and be together? A perfect beach read book.

You can pick up How To Fake It In Hollywood in stores on Tuesday, June 14th from Dell.

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