Book Review: ‘How Lulu Lost Her Mind: A Novel’ By Rachel Gibson

Lou Ann Hunter aka The Love Guru is heading to the airport to start a multi-city tour. She’s built an empire on being the love guru to women across the world. If only things were so easy with her mother Patricia. She’s in a facilitate for Alzheimer patients. When Lou Ann gets a call from them saying she needs to come in right away this can’t be good. This is the third place her mother has been in. She is a free spirit and that has caused problems.

When she arrives she finds out what her mother did and is told Patricia is being kicked out right now. With nowhere else to send her at the moment, Lou Ann has to cancel her tour. She brings her mother back to her apartment and searches for a nurse to help out. Patrica has her good moments and is talking about the family home, Sutton Hall, in Louisiana. She wants to go back there now to live out her life.

Lou Ann sets it up and brings along there nurse Lindsay as well. The place is in need of a lot of work but it’s still livable. When they get there Simon is meeting them. He’s a hunky handyman who has worked on the place for years and there is a spark there with him. Patricia is happy to be back and Lou Ann has to re-think her life and priorities with her mother and just how she will adjust to this new situation.

A story about the relationship between a mother and daughter with plenty of tender moments and some seriously funny LOL moments as well. A solid story to read and root for these characters as you read it. And there’s a bird as part of the story that will help provide some comic relief.

You can pick up How Lulu Lost Her Mind in stores on Tuesday, July 21st from Gallery Books.

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