Book Review: ‘House Of Earth And Blood: Crescent City Book One’ By Sarah J. Mass Is A Good Start To A New Magical Series

Author Sarah J. Mass is back with a new magical fantasy series with House Of Earth And Blood: Crescent City. It’s got everything you might want in a fantasy series. Magic, Faes, Wolfs, A Viper Queen and Fallen Angels. Everything story-wise works in this novel. It starts off strong and then builds to a thrilling climatic finale with shocking twists and turns.

Bryce Quinlan is a party girl. She’s half Fae and half human. Her real father is the King of the Faes. She lives with Danika, who is a Wolf and the daughter of Sabine, the Queen of the Wolfs. She’s next in line to be the leader. Bryce is out partying and comes home to find Danika and her pack all dead in their apartment. And a demon chasing after her and she barely escapes with her life.

Hunt Athalar is a fallen angel and a killer for Micah, the leader of the fallen angels. He’s assigned to figure out what happened to Danika and Bryce is also asked to help out Hunt and figure out what happened to Danika. More murders take place and two years later no leads as to how these demons are being summoned. Hunt and Bryce are on the case investigating and not having much luck.

There’s a big summit coming up with the leaders of each territory and faction and this needs to be solved before then. They finally get some breaks and figure out how these demons are being here and killing people. It centers around an ancient Far Horn that is missing. But not everything is as it seems. Hunt and Bryce get close but situations soon take place and there’s a betrayal, a shocking reveal, hell on earth is unleashed and it’s up to Bryce to save everyone, even if it ends her life.

Now for my one complaint. This book is 799 pages long. And there’s no need for it to be this long. As good as the story and characters are, it could have been way shorter and gotten to the climax faster. That being said if you’re a fan of this genre you will enjoy it. And it left with a tease for future books.

You can pick up House Of Earth And Blood: Crescent City in stores on Tuesday, March 3rd from Bloomsbury.

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