Book Review: ‘House Of Correction: A Novel’ By Nicci French

Tabitha is in prison awaiting her trail for the murder of a man found on her property. She doesn’t think she did it but can’t remember all the events of that day. She was found in her house with his blood all over her. Her appointed lawyer is hopeful to get the case possibly dismissed until things come out about Tabitha and her past relationship with the victim and her own mental health. With these new admissions she is told it would be best to plead guilty to a lesser charge of manslaughter. Tabitha decides to fire her lawyer and represent herself.

This is where the genius of the story comes in. Tabitha starts reading the evidence against her, interviewing potential witnesses and then the actual trail starts and she really doesn’t know what’s she’s doing. And then it’s a lot of fun reading through the trail and watching Tabitha get in trouble over and over but also scoring points in one of the most unusual court trials you might ever read.

Nicck French always writes great novels and this is no exception. The character of Tabitha is one of the best ones all year in any novels I have read.

You can pick up House Of Correction in stores on Tuesday, October 27 from Morrow.

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