Book Review: ‘House Of Ashes: A Haunted Bluffs Mystery’ By Loretta Marion

Cassandra Mitchell lives in the house on the water in Battlesea Bluffs on Cape Cod. Her great grandparents had the house built and it has remained over the years. But they were also cursed that no male heir would ever survive there. And no male has over the years. They were born but all died. Now all that is left is Cassandra and her sister, who moved away and doesn’t want to come back for various reasons.

Cassandra is kind of a loner. She was married to a loser and is divorced now. She was left money but most of it is gone now due to her ex. She’s in danger of losing the house without more money. When two strangers, Ashley and Vince, who are vacationing for the summer, show up and offer to help fix up a guest cottage in exchange for a place to live for a while she takes them up on it. She thinks they are a nice young married couple and gets along with them. They also have a cool dog with them.

They are kind of coy about their lives and then one day they just disappear. Cassandra calls the police and soon the FBI is involved. Nobody can find them. Cassandra starts investigating on her own and soon finds some clues that lead her in another direction. She gets warnings to back off the case. Soon the FBI and local police are told to stand down on it. When a strange, rich man shows up in town, he may just have the answers she’s looking for.

We also learn the backstory on her grandparents and what happened all those years ago with the curse and a fire that happened at the house. The past has a big bearing on the what is happening today and when all is said and done it clarifies the future and defines who Cassandra is today.

A fun story with twists and turns that you don’t see coming. Cassandra is a determined woman, who wants answers and will not stop until she finds them. The small town characters are quirky fun as everyone knows each others business and likes to gossip.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, November 13 from Crooked Lane.

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