Book Review: ‘Hope, Faith, & A Corpse: A Faith Chapel Mystery’ By Laura Jensen Walker

A fun start to a new series with the character of Pastor Hope Taylor and colorful cast of townspeople in the small town of Apple Springs, outside of Sacramento and a big, loveable dog named Bogie. Readers get to know Hope as she tries to help solve a murder on her very first day on the job at Faith Chapel Episcopal Church. She finds the body of Stanley King and it looks like she did it. She’s cleared and soon learns that he was the most hated man in town and that there’s a list a mile long of potenital suspects. On top of that some of the locals are not happy having a female Pastor, which cases issues with some of the flock. Hope is not deterred and plans a church tea for the women and have the men serve them. It goes a long way to getting her accepted and it’s soon revealed who killed Stanley and Hope is there for the people of Apple Springs.

You can pick up Hope, Faith, & A Corpse in stores on Tuesday, January 12th from Crooked Lane.

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