Book Review: ‘Hooks Can Be Deceiving’ Is The Next Fun Crochet Mystery

Molly Pink is back and in the thick of it. The bookstore has been picked to host a new TV show Creating With Crochet and Molly is in charge to make sure everything goes okay with it and her group Tarzana Hookers. She has a host Rory (an actress that is well known) who doesn’t know how to crochet. Dealing with her co-worker Adele (who’s a pain in the butt) and the people running the show.

She also is still seeing Mason (not as much as she wants to) and dealing with all her animals. She soon meets Marianne, who has joined the group with her companion Connie. Something seems off with Marianne though. And soon her companion is found dead on her estate. It’s suspicious looking with no clear suspect. Her ex Barry is one of the detectives working the case. He asks Molly for her help on the case since she’s become friendly with Marianne, who has an overbearing brother watching over her.

The more Molly investigates, the closer she seems to be getting to the truth. She soon receives threats and told to back off. She of course does not. With Barry around a lot, trying to find time with Mason and dealing with the TV show and an author signing, things are very busy for Molly. She soon gets the break she needs and figures out who is responsible but it may be too late for her.

My first time reading one of author Betty Hechtman’s crochet/yarn books and I really enjoyed it. Fun characters, a nice setting in the bookstore and a fun mystery all add up to a good read. And she gives the details on how to make the products she talks about in the book, at the end of the novel.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, December 11th, from Crooked Lane.

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