Book Review: ‘Honey Girl: A Novel’ By Morgan Rogers

The debut novel from author Morgan Rogers is a great debut. It has heart, emotion and a lead character that you root for to find what it is she’s looking for.

Grace Porter is in her mid-20’s, is black, a lesbian and has a controlling father military father that expects her to live her life by his codes. In Las Vegas to celebrate her doctorate in astronomy, she gets drunk and marries a woman name Yuki she just met. The next morning she wakes up hung-over and finds a note from Yuki. She flies home to Portland, Oregon and wonders what she did. She also is looking for a job in her field. As Grace thinks about her life, her friends, her family and the woman she married. She trackes down Yuki and they start talking. Grace decides to go visit her in New York and take stock in her life. We follow Grace on her path to what she truly wants out of her life.

You can pick up Honey Girl in stores on Tuesday, February 23rd from Park Row Books.

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