Book Review: ‘Holy Ghost’ Is The Next Fun Virgil Flowers Novel

Virgil Flowers is back with his next adventure in John Sandford’s latest adventure with the character in Holy Ghost. The book is out in stores on Tuesday, October 9th from Putnam.

When Virgil Flowers gets a call asking for help in Wheatfield, Minnesota he’s on the case. There’s a shooter on the loose and the town needs help finding the person. It’s about an hour from where he lives. He wishes he didn’t have to go as her girl Frankie is pregnant with their child and she’s still at that stage of sickness. He figures this case won’t take to long.

Wheatfield is a small town of about 700 people. It for a long time was one of those small towns dying a slow death. Until the Mayor Wardell Holland and his young friend John Jacob Skinner came up with a plan to save the town. They made up that the Virgin Mary was spotted and it brought people there and revitalized the town. It opened up churches and things seemed to be going good. Until someone was shot. It was figured to be just a random thing until another was shot at the exact same time as the first person. So Virgil is in town and on the case.

The small town is one of those where everyone knows everyone and their business. The a mix of strange, unusual people like you find in most small towns. Virgil just isn’t getting any breaks and then more murders happen. Working with the Mayor and few people from the bureau he finally catches a break and closes in on the killer, while trying to save his own life.

And he also gets surprising news in regards to the baby he and Frankie are having.

Another fun Virgil book. I love reading this character along with John’s other novels about Lucas Davenport. The character is smart and fun (actually both are). The books are easy to read and no useless filler in John’s novels. You easily pick this one up and know what’s going on. Each one is written like a stand-alone and John gives enough backstory so you know what is going on.

So jump on in on October 9th and pick up the book in stores.

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