Book Review: ‘Hit List’ Is The Next Thrilling Stone Barrington Novel

Book number 53 in the Stone Barrington series and Stone once again is in the thick of things. A list has been released of 10 names of people that will be killed. Stone’s name is the last one on the list. And he has no idea who wants to kill these people. Most he doesn’t even know. Dino is on the case but the killer is striking his list. And there’s been attempts on Stone already.

Stone decides to flee the country and soon he’s in London, then Paris, then Maine, Santa Fe and back in New York. Each time the killer is right behind him. Nowhere seems safe. They finally figure who the person is doing the killings but so far he has been elusive. And Stone ends up in the hospital on a couple of occasions. Stone and Dino decide to take the fight to this man and it ends in a deadly standoff.

And on top of that the Presidential election is about to take place and Holly is favored. Will she win and what will it mean for Stone?

Nothing is better than getting a new Stone novel in the mail right before the weekend. Actually I take that back. I got two novels. Stuart Woods along with Parnell Hall have also written a new Teddy Fay novel Bombshell, which comes out on May 26. Both arrived on the same day. If you’ve not read any of the Stone books you should jump on it. They’re a lot of fun to read. Stone is such a stud and his interactions with Dino and Joan his secretary are usually hilarious. 53 books in and they are still as much fun to read now as then.

You can pick up Hit List in stores on Tuesday, March 17th from Putnam.

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