Book Review: ‘Hindsight’ Is The Next Thrilling Kendra Michaels Novel

Kendra Michaels is back in the seventh book of the series and once again her life is in jeopardy.

The novel starts off with Kendra being kicked out of Afghanistan because of Adam Lynch, the man she has a love/hate relationship with. They were there working an investigation but things got to close to Kendra and Lynch worried about her safety. She’s livid at this and goes back to California. She’s met by FBI agent Adam Griffin and is asked to assist on a new case along with Metcalf. And this one hits her hard. Two teachers at the school she went to when she blind have been murdered on the site where the school is.

There’s never been any issues at the school and this hits hard for everyone. She soon brings Olivia, her downstairs neighbor and fellow student at the school (she is blind) with a dog named Harley, who was being taught by one of the teachers that was killed. They both agree they will help solve this case. And Kendra being Kendra and stubborn starts branching out herself and soon finds herself in dire jeopardy. Lucky for her Jessie has arrived home early and is able to save her. And on top of that Lynch has also come home and they get into like usual. He says he will be by her side until this is settled, she says she’s fine by herself.

Soon they learn who may have killed the teachers but exactly why. When one of the murders is killed it leaves one man still out there and it becomes a game of cat and mouse. The killer is after Kendra and she wants to catch him first. Whoever blinks first could be dead before they know it.

Another stellar Kendra book from the Iris and Roy Johansen. Kendra is one of the best characters every year and her relationship with Lynch always drives these stories. With the surrounding characters of Jessie, Olivia, Griffin and Metcalf, it’s solid story each and every time. And add in an awesome dog named Harley and you have the next exciting chapter of Kendra Michaels.

You can pick up Hindsight in stores on Tuesday, January 7th from Grand Central Publishing.

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