Book Review: ‘Highfire’ Is A Great New Novel About A Dragon Who Loves Vodka And Netflix From Eoin Colfer

Wyvern, Lord Highfire of the Highfire Eyrie is the last dragon in existent that we know of. He lives in the Louisiana bayou and loves to watch Netflix, drink Absolut Vodka, smoke marlboros and wear Flashdance tee-shirts. He has no use for humans and avoids them at all costs. He has a mogwai that helps get him supplies and he occasionally fights crocodiles who try to fight him. And he goes by the name of Vern now.

Everett ‘Squib’ Moreau lives with his mother and they’re barely getting by. Squib does a lot of jobs and ends up working with a smuggler. And then he sees the man killed by a crooked constable Hooke. Squib had videotaped it and the constable saw him and tried to kill him. Lucky or unlucky for him Vern heard the noise and flew by and grabbed him. But Vern has no love for humans and Squib must go. Before he can take care of him, Squib manages to escape for now. But Vern wants him gone to protect who he is.

Squib ends up making a deal with him to be his assistant and get his supplies and do his errands for him in exchange for his life. They develop an uneasy friendship. But soon Hooke finds out about Vern and makes plans to do away with him. It becomes a game of cat and mouse between the two of them with Squib in the middle and who will survive.

I loved this book! Author Eoin Colfer is the author of the Artemis Fowl book series. A great story with a talking dragon and well-written characters that’s part comedy, part action-adventure and a whole lot of fun. And MGM has already bought the TV rights to this book. Here’s hoping for more of Vern!

You can pick up Highfire in stores on Tuesday, January 28th from Harper Perennial.

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