Book Review: ‘High Stakes’ Is A Great First Book In The New Series From Iris Johansen

I love books by author Iris Johansen (Kendra Michaels, Eve Duncan and Catherine Ling) and now she’s back with a brand new character Logan Tanner and a new series. Logan is a well-written character, who is smart, sexy and a bad-ass, with a great set of supporting characters. He fits in perfectly in the Iris Johansen world of characters.

Logan Tanner is a professional gambler, who has made a lot of money and gambles all over the world in high stakes games. He also has a bit of a dark side and he’s an extractor for the right price. And now an old Russian mafia boss wants his help. In exchange he will give Logan the one thing he needs…information on what happened to his friend and mentor, that has been missing for a while now. He has to go to Russia and save Lara Balkon (a great musical prodogy on the piano) and her mother from the clutches of another Russian Mafia member, who is a horrible guy. He and his team get the women pretty easily but now the hard work starts. He has to keep them protected and get the information he needs about his friend. It a battle with two Russian Mafia men who don’t like each other. It comes down to a high stakes game of poker and one great battle. And then to top it off Iris drops a bombshell about Lara that you don’t see coming. Here’s to more Logan books.

You can pick up High Stakes in stores on Tuesday, September 7th from Grand Central.

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