Book Review: ‘Hideaway’ By Nora Roberts Is A Good Beach Read

In Big Sur in 2001 the Sullivan family (Hollywood royalty and a wealthy family) has gathered to say goodbye to the patriarch of the family. For nine year old Caitlyn Sullivan it will be a day she never forgets. During a game of hide and seek she’s kidnapped and held for a $10 million dollar ransom. But little Cate is able to outwit her kidnappers and escapes and runs through the woods until she shows up at the house of the Cooper family. Young Dillon, has gotten up for a midnight snake and finds Cate. Her family calls Cate’s family and the police. Thus starts a friendship between the two families.

It soon turns out the kidnapping was an inside job and a family member along with the kidnappers go to jail for a long time. Cate’s dad drops out his acting gigs and takes her to Ireland and family for seven years. Now 17 they return back to California and Big Sur. It brings back memories of what happened years ago.

Soon Cate decides she wants to resume her actin career (she did some stuff as a child) and moves to LA and gets some movie parts. But the past has a way of coming back to haunt her when someone is released from prison. Cate decides New York is the place to be and soon meets a dancer named Noah. When something bad happens to him it could be because of Cate’s past.

She reconnects with Dillon again and they strike up a friendship and romance. But the past again is rearing its ugly head and someone is wanting revenge for what happened during the kidnapping and it’s a race to make sure that nothing happens to Cate.

Another solid novel from Nora Roberts that has a strong family connection, romance and well-written characters. A perfect beach read.

You can pick up Hideaway in stores now from St. Martin’s Press.

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