Book Review: ‘Hide In Place: A Novel’ By Emilya Naymark

The debut novel from Emilya Naymark is a solid thriller with a good leading character for series. The story itself is easy to read with no major twists and turns, just solid action.

For Laney Bird her past is about to come back and haunt her. She’s a single mother to Alfie, who is a bit troubled. Laney was a detective three years ago and was working a major undercover case, until things got to hot and her husband left her. She quit her job and moved to a small town to start over. Now her 13 year-old son has vanished without any clues. The police are on the case but not having any luck. She puts her police detective skills to good use and uncovers clues. She soon figures out it has to do with the case she had been working on and learns of a shocking betrayal. Now the race is on to try and save her son before it’s too late.

You can pick up Hide In Place in stores now from Crooked Lane Books.

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