Book Review: ‘Hidden Treasures: A Josie Prescott Antiques Mystery’ By Jane K. Cleland

The 13th novel in the series is another fun mystery featuring the character of antique’s queen Josie Prescott. Set in a small New Hampshire town, the book is full of fun, interesting characters and an easy to follow murder mystery. A fun read for all ages.

Josie and her husband have bought an old Victorian house from Maudie Wilson and are planning on renovating it. The deal is done and they are starting work right away. One of Maudie’s nieces shows up and says Maudie is missing a trunk with some things that are personal to her. They look throughout the house but don’t see it. Josie finds it in a hidden dumbwaiter and looks inside and sees some pieces that look valuable. She returns it to Maudie and spends time with her and likes the lady. Later Maudies asks her about getting it valued and possibly selling it.

Then this is where the murder kicks in. On a trip to Maudie’s place, they discover a dead body and Maudie and her stuff missing. Josie goes into overdrive working with Chief Ellis, who’s involved with her best friend Zoe, who is having a crisis and with local reporter Wes. Josie keeps digging and soon finds herself in a dangerous situation and finally figures out who the killer is.

You can pick up Hidden Treasures in stores on Tuesday, December 8th from Minotaur Books.

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