Book Review: ‘Hidden Depths: A Vera Stanhope Mystery’ By Ann Cleeves

Two murders not far from each other have similar things in common. And now Inspector Vera Stanhope is on the case.

When Julie Armstrong arrives home she finds her son has been murdered in her house. Her daughter was fast asleep in her bedroom and heard nothing. Then Lily was thinking of renting a guest house from the Calverts. And then she was found murdered in much the same way that Julie’s son was.

Vera Stanhope is on the case and interviewing everyone that had any remote connection to either person. As she interviews and re-interviews people, she is baffled as to who did it and why. Little things aren’t adding up to her and she starts to suspect certain people and that she’s being lied to. As secrets start to come out, she realizes that the killer has been right in front of her all along. It’s time to hook the bait and catch the killer.

Ann Cleeves has been writing mystery novels that have been turned into TV series (which I can’t wait to watch on Hulu, Acorn and PBS). The story itself is standard murder mystery. Nothing groundbreaking or bad. Just an ordinary, well-written story with a great character in Vera. It was my first time reading one of Ann’s novels and I look forward to reading more.

Hidden Depths is available in stores on Tuesday, January 23rd from Minotaur Books.

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