Book Review: ‘Her Last Flight’ Is The Next Great Beatriz Williams Novel

Let me start this off like this…Beatriz Williams has never written a bad novel and her streak of Great novels continues with Her Last Flight. Her new novel spans over 20 years and has a lot of twists and turns you don’t see coming at all. I am usually good at seeing these coming but Beatriz got me big-time! I can’t stress enough how great the novel is.

War correspondent and photographer Janey Everett in 1947 arrives on a small Hawaiian island to research and write a book on Sam Mallory, a famous flyer, who has disappeared somewhere in Spain, during the Spanish war. She has found his body in a plane in a remote part of Spain and has his diaries. In Hawaii is Irene Lindquist (formerly the celebrity flyer Irene Foster), who knew Sam and flew with him and rumors were they were an item. Irene also disappeared years ago and has been living a quiet life with her husband and two kids. Janey knows who she is and wants any and all info on Sam for her book.

As the book goes along we read excerpts from Janey’s book and the story goes back and forth between the years as we learn the story of Sam and Irene, the flying partnership, the personal lives and what really happened to both of them over the years. Just when you think you know where it’s going…Bam it goes somewhere else and your jaw drops! Can’t say anymore about the story without giving away spoilers. Just go along for the ride.

You can pick up Her Last Flight in stores now from William Morrow.

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