Book Review: ‘Her Dark Lies: A Novel’ By J.T. Elllison

For Clare Hunter it should be the happiest day of her life. She is to be married to the very handsome and weathly Jack Compton on an island off the coast of Italy called Isle Isola. But it can’t be that easy. There are people after the family can Clare is in the crossroads. A mysterious person is plotting against them (and it’s very obvious who it is) and once on the island things get worse. People are dying, the company personal servers have been hacked and being held for ransom. A mysterious old castle and massive rainstorms, power outages and shocking lies are revealed. The wedding is about to begin when a shocking person makes their move and no ones lives will ever be the same again.

A solid if not unspectacular novel this time out by author J.T. Ellison. There’s some interesting twists with these characters past but the reveal of the person telling their story in underwhelming. You are able to figure it out easily and this was disappointing to me as I expected some major twist.

You can pick up Her Dark Lies in stores on Tuesday, March 9th from MIRA.

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