Book Review: ‘Hello, Summer’ By Mary Kay Andrews Is A Great Summer Read

Conley Hawkins life if about to change in a big way and not the way she expects. She’s a reported for an Atlanta paper and has gotten a job in Washington, D.C. She’s got her new place, broken up with her boyfriend and ready to leave to begin the job. That’s until she gets a text from her sister Grayson, who runs the small local paper in Silver Bay, Florida, her howetown, telling her that the job she is leaving for has shutdown because of financial issues.

With no job and no apartment, Conley heads for Florida to stay with her Grandmother Lorraine (who is getting up there in age) and figure out her next move. She and her sister have a contentious relationship and but heads. Lorraine wants Conley to help out at the paper, which she doesn’t want to do but agrees.

When Conley runs into her neighbor and former crush Sean Kelly aka Skelly they reminisce over drinks. He drives her home because she’s had to much and see a car over-turned on the road. They try to save the driver but it’s too late. They learn it was a 28 year Congressman. Conley’s reporter instincts kick in and she starts digging into the man and finds all sorts of dirt on him and that things are not cut and dry about his death. She butts heads with Grayson on how to cover it but ends up getting her way and the story explodes as does the paper with the story and follow-ups.

People in this small town are divided over the coverage. Some hate it and others love it. The more Conley digs, the more secrets she learns and soon finds her life in danger but also is getting calls from major outlets wanting to pay her for stories. This is what she was hoping for to get a major job out of it.

She also grows closer to Skelly and he wants more than she is willing to give. With her life in danger, a potential new love and a hot story, things come to a head and she will have major decisions to make about what she really wants for her future.

Mary Kay Andrews is the Queen of the summer beach read. This is another great story with interesting characters that you root for, a mysterious story involving the Congressman and how he died and a great setting off the Florida coast. The book is a perfect Memorial Day read.

You can pick up Hello, Summer in stores on Tuesday, May 5th from St. Martin’s Press.

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