Book Review: ‘Hayley Aldridge Is Still Here: A Novel’ By Elissa R. Sloan

Hayley Aldridge is from a small-town in Texas, and at an early age was pushed into show business. At the age of seven, fame found her, and she became a meal ticket for her parents. Now as a growth up adult, she has twin girls, and recalls her life from that time. Her parents abused her money, and controlled everything about her. By 2007 she was in a conservatorship, and her life was never the same again (think Britney Spears). Her daughters start a hashtag called #HelpHaley, and it goes viral. Now she’s in the fight of her life to regain all that is here, and get her parents out of her life for good. A fun, twisty novel that looks at how parents can be over-bearing, and watching Hayley fight for what is hers is the highlight of this book.

You cna pick up Hayley Aldridge Is Still Here in stores on Tuesday, February 14th from William Morrow.

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