Book Review: ‘Have You Seen Me?: A Novel’ By Kate White

Ally Linden arrives at work but doesn’t have her keycard. She’s let in and goes to her office but sees someone else there. She waits in the conference room and Damien the owner of the company (and her ex fling) asks what she’s doing there. Ally says she’s here to work. Damien says she hasn’t worked here in five years. Ally is confused and then faints. She’s rushed to the hospital. Nothing physically is wrong with her and she’s sent to the psych ward. She can’t remember the last two days of her life.

Her husband Hugh comes and gets her and tells her that they haven’t spoken in two days. Now Ally is scared as to where she has been and what happened to her. She tries to retrace her steps and she’s told it could be a dissociative state. Something severe has happened and she has had a mental block.

She slowly finds out small things about her missing time and remembers back to something horrible that happened in the past. Now she must face her past and deal with the past two days. And someone doesn’t want her to remember what happened the last few days and is even willing to kill for it.

A thrilling story with twists and turns you don’t see coming. The story starts off strong and never lets up until the shocking reveals of what really happened to Ally.

You can pick up Have You See Me? in stores on Tuesday, April 28th from Harper.

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