Book Review: ‘Harry’s Trees’ By Jon Cohen

Harry Crane loses his wife of fourteen years to a freak accident when he goes to buy a lottery ticket she told him not to bother with. Amanda loses her husband and Oriana her father on the same day. A year later fate brings them together in the forests of the Endless Mountains and their lives will never be the same again.

Oriana thinks her father roams the forest as a bird looking over everyone. Harry decides to go to the forest to end thins a year after his wife died and tries to hang himself but is unsuccessful. He finds a fairy tale book that Oriana left behind called The Grum’s Ledger that she got from the local library and a librarian named Olive. The two form a bond between them and one that Amanda allows. Harry is living in a tree house that Oriana’s father built for her. He soon learns he has been awarded 7 million dollars from the accident that killed his wife. He feels this is blood money and wants to give it away. After reading the Grum book he and Oriana form a plan based on the tale as to how to give it away.

This leads to the three of them coming to terms with what happened a year earlier and being able to move on and overcome their grief. The three main characters are well-written as are other characters like Harry’s flawed Brother Wolf who wants some of the money, Ronnie who was good friends with Amanda’s late husband and Olive to name a few. The question is are the woods magical and can a fairy tale actually heal people?

You can pick up Harry’s Trees in paperback on Tuesday, June 25th from MIRA.

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