Book Review: ‘Half Moon Bay: A Clay Edison Novel’ By Jonathan And Jesse Kellerman

Book three in the father/son writing team of Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman finds Clay Edison a new dad and sleep deprived (as is his wife). They take turns working (he works the night shift) and try not to have to pawn the baby off on someone else too often. Of course with Clay being a deputy/coroner, it’s not always easy.

There’s unrest in Berkley, California over a construction project going on. There are a lot of protesters upset about what’s going on. Then a body is found while digging is taking place. Clay is called to the scene. The bones seem to belong to a baby and DNA tests confirm who the father is, a man who’s in prison, who claims to know nothing about the baby.

When Clay gets a call from a wealthy software developer named Peter Franchette, it could change everything about the case. He thinks the baby might be his sister who went missing all those years ago. He doesn’t know anything about her other that she disappeared. Peter hires Clay (who can’t take any money) but is intrigued and investigates Peter’s claims. It leads to some bad people and the more he digs, he finds out who the baby was and what really happened. It also puts him in harms way and he will do what it takes to protect his family.

A solid third story in the series. Authors Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman have a good way of writing and I really enjoy this series. Here’s to more Clay Edison books.

You can pick it up in stores now from Ballantine Books.

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