Book Review: ‘Hairpin Bridge’ Is The Next Thrilling Novel From Taylor Adams

by | May 25, 2021 | Books | 0 comments

Author Taylor Adams (No Exit) is back with his next thrilling psychological thriller Hairpin Bridge. It’s a thrill-ride story that keeps you on edge of your seat and he makes it hard to put the novel down, as you’ll just want to keep reading it.

Lena’s twin sister Cambry died three months ago from an alleged suicide on Hairpin Bridge in Montana. Canbry has been distant lately, traveling around the country in her Toyota. But Lena doesn’t think she committed suicide. There was 16 attempted calls to 911 and a mysterious last text to her naming the cop that found her body. So Lena hits the road in her sister’s car, with a gun and a tape recorder and is determined to get the truth out of the officer Corporal Raymond Raycevic, one way or another. It soon turns into a game of cat and mouse on Bridge where her sister died and who lives and dies and what shocking secrets are revealed is what drives the novel.

You can pick up Hairpin Bridge in stores on Tuesday, June 15th from William Morrow.