Book Review: ‘Hadley & Grace: A Novel’ By Suzanne Redfearn

Hadley is married to Frank and has a daughter and a nephew she takes care of. Grace has a one year old son and is married to Jimmy. Both marriages are not good. Frank is abusive and Jimmy has a gambling problem. Grace works for Frank and knows what an ass he is. Both have plans to take off with their kids and not look back. They each have a plan of robbing the safe at Frank’s office because they both know he has money hidden there.

They run into each other at the office and find a lot of money. They end up splitting it and end up on the run together. What they don’t know is that the FBI has cameras on the office and know that Frank is into some shady stuff. And soon the FBI is after Hadley and Grace. They’re aware of this and it becomes a game of cat and mouse. The FBI only wants the money back and to talk to the women. But they keep on their quest to runaway and soon things happen that could make it impossible to not go to jail.

They come up with ingenious plans to stay one step ahead of the FBI but their luck may soon run out. A last minute daring plan will either mean freedom or jail.

A thrilling novel from start to finish featuring two strong female characters. Just when you things can’t get any worse they do but twists and turns make this a great story right to the very end.

In stores on Monday, February 1st.

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