Book Review: ‘Grounds For Murder: A Coffee Lover’s Mystery’ By Tara Lush

Lana Lewis is back in South Florida and managing the coffee shop Perkatory, that her parents owned. She was a reporter in Miami before being let go. She also lives in a building owned by her father. She’s gearing up for a big coffee competition and will be teaming with her employee Fab. He’s a good looking man who is a womanizer. And then he ups and quits and start working for the competition, owned by his girlfriend’s father. Lana is pissed and lets him know.

And then he is found dead outside the apartment building by Lana, he fell off the roof. The police think he might have committed suicide or fell accidentely. Lana is now sure about this and she starts investigating and working with the hot chief of police. The more she digs, the more suspects she comes up. But she gets to close to the truth and she may have served her last cup of coffee because of it.

A solid start to a new series from author Tara Lush. Lana and the supporting characters are interesting and the story is a fun one. Here’s to more coffee in Lana’s future.

You can pick up Grounds For Murder in stores on Tuesday, December 8th from Crooked Lane.

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