Book Review: ‘Grave Reservations: A Novel’ By Cherie Priest

A fun comedy thriller from author Cherie Priest with a most unique character in lead character of Leda Foley, highlights this delightful fall release, just in time for Halloween. Leda is a travel agent in Seattle whose business is not great. She gets these feelings about things, some say even psychic (and she even does psychic karaoke), and she acts on her latest one and it might have saved a life. Seattle PD detective Grady Merritt is running for his flight out of Orlando when Leda calls him to let him know she changed his flight. He would have missed it anyway. Then as the flight is taking off it catches fire and five people die. He’s grateful to Leda and when he returns asks her to help him out on a cold case. Leda is still grieving and wanting answers over the death of her boyfriend a few years ago. She agrees and goes with him to the scene of the crime and senses things. Soon she’s on the case with him and it may be tied in to the death of her boyfriend. The more they investigate, the more danger she’s in until it may be too late for her.

I believe this is a start to a new series and I am all in for more adventures with Leda!

You can pick up Grave Reservations in stores on Tuesday, October 26th from Atria.

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