Book Review: ‘Grace Is Gone’ By Emily Elgar

A mother is murdered and a missing 17 year girl in a wheelchair in Ashford, Cornwall, sets the stage for the new novel by Emily Elgar.

Neighbor Cara Dorman has stopped by the house of Meg Nichols to drop off clothes and see her daughter Grace, who has been ill her whole life and is in a wheelchair. When no one answers she tries the door and it is open and she goes in. She finds Meg dead in her bedroom and no sign of Grace anywhere. The town is shocked and immediately bands together to look for Grace. The prime suspect is Meg’s ex Simon, who was allegedly abusive to her and tried to take Grace once before.

Reporter Jon Katrin, who once did a story on Meg and Grace and had interviewed Simon, wants to help try and find Grace. He has history with the family and even had a restraining order against him to stay away from Meg and Grace. He and Cara end up teaming up to investigate and to try and find Grace. What they find is not what they have seen over the years. Everything they knew turns out not to be true and it leads to shocking reveals and twists and turns that you don’t see coming, leading up to a shocking ending and lives in jeopardy.

A well-written story that engages the reader from the beginning and never lets up. Told in alternating chapters and a diary so the reader can see how Grace was feeling all along, will have you reading along until the very end.

You can pick up Grace Is Gone in stores on Tuesday, January 7th from Harper Paperbacks.

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