Book Review: ‘Good Girls Lie: A Novel’ Has Lots Of Cool Twists And Turns

The mark of a good thriller is to start off strong (in this case a girl is hanging on a gate) and leave the reader wondering what’s going on. Author J.T. Ellison succeeds with this in a big way and once again shows why she succeeds in the genre. Her new novel is a twisty, turning look at an elite girls prep school, The Goode School, in Marchburg, Virginia, for the rich and influential. It’s a story you won’t be able to put down.

Only a select few get in every year and there is a waiting list a mile long. There has been tragedy over the years as we learn and secret societies that take things to far but are over-looked for the most part. The school is a high-school that gets the girls ready for college with a very successful record of getting them in Ivy League schools.

The story focuses on Ash who is from Oxford and is a special project of the dean. She is also mysterious. She just lost both her parents a few months ago. Her father to a drug overdose and her mother to suicide. Ash is reserved and it isn’t even her real name. It is shortened (the dean knows and okay-ed it). She turns things upside down at the school. She is seen as an outsider with her accent and her secrecy. She doesn’t like talking about herself much and often lies. She has trouble making friends and is being made fun of.

The Queen of the school senior Becca (who is the leader of one of the secret societies) takes an interest in her and soon she becomes a pledge, something that never happens for a sophomore. But things start getting complicated. Murders start happening, secrets are slowly revealed and just who is Ash and is she doing the killings? It leads to shocking reveals that don’t end until the very last word of the novel. Twist after twist you won’t see coming make for a great thriller.

You can pick up Good Girls Lie in stores on Tuesday, December 31st from MIRA.

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