Book Review: ‘Good Girl, Bad Girl: A Novel’ By Michael Robotham

A young girl and a criminal psychologist look horns and find they need each other more than they think in this suspenseful thriller from best selling author Michael Robotham.

Evie, aka Angel Face, is a ward of the state in an institution, after having been found in a cage as a small child with a decaying body that had been tortured. She will not talk about her life, her parents, her real name or even her age. No one knows anything about her. She has been given the name Evie to protect her privacy. She doesn’t get along with many of the people she lives with or her doctor. She was put in foster homes but always ran away or didn’t get along with the parents. It’s been six years since she was found and now she claims she is 18 and wants her freedom under the law. She also has a unique talent that when she looks at people she can tell if they are lying.

Cyrus the physiologist was called to observe Evie and has talked to her a few times. She opens up just a little bit with him and them form an uneasy relationship. When she has her court hearing Cyrus goes to bat for her and gives an unusual request for her.

He is also busy assisting the police on a brutal murder of 15 year old Jodie Sheehan. She was the girl next door and a potential ice skating champion. As the investigation into her murder ramps up Cyrus helps interview family and friends and things just don’t add up with all of them. On top of that he has his hands full with Evie. The two worlds collide as he gets closer to the truth and it leads up to a climatic reveal that puts lives in jeopardy.

Author Michael Robothan has written a suspenseful novel that starts off fast and never lets up. Two great main characters that tell their stories via alternating chapters. The story has lots of twists and turns you don’t see coming right up to the very end. A great summer read as we hit the middle of summer.

You can pick up Good Girl, Bad Girl in stores on Tuesday, July 23rd from Scribner.

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