Book Review: ‘Golden In The Death’ Is The Next Thrilling Eve Dallas Novel (And It’s The 50th Book In The Series)

Congratulations to J.D. Robb aka Nora Roberts for her 50th book in her Eve Dallas series. Originally slated to be a trilogy, she couldn’t let go of the character of Eve Dallas and her we are 50 books in and no sign of stopping. And you can get this little tidbit and more after you read the book. The editor has a nice story about how the series started and progressed. The book company also put a short synopsis of all 49 previous books as well at the end. Not touch by St. Martin’s Press.

Eve Dallas is called to the home of Dr. Kent Abner, who was found dead by his husband. He had received a package earlier that day of a gold egg, which contained a deadly toxin, which killed him. Now Eve and Peabody are on the case which very few leads as to who might have done this. Everyone says Kent was a great guy.

A second murder has taken place the same way and now Eve has something to tie them together and starts to dig deeper and it leads her to former students of a school and events that happened years ago. Now Eve has her suspect(s) and has to tie them to the murders before it’s too late.

Another great Eve Dallas mystery. These books keep getting better and better. And once again the touching love story between Roarke’s relationship is a big part of the story. As is author J.D. Robb’s lol moments involving Eve when she gets annoyed with people. It’s what I look forward to most in these books. Here’s to another 50 books!

You can pick up Golden In Death in stores on Tuesday, February 4th from St. Martin’s Press.

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