Book Review: ‘Glamour Girls: A Historical Novel’ By Marty Wingate

The first historical novel from Marty Wingate is a winner. It features a smart, strong female leade and a story I didn’t know about before reading it. Historical fiction has fast become my favorite the last fews years ago and this does not disappoint.

For 10 year old Rosalie Wright being a pilot is her dream. She’s too young right now to become one but once she turns 16 she can. She says all the money she can so when the time comes she can pay for it. She’s close to getting her license and then the war breaks out. And then two years later she’s a pilot helping the RAF. She will be one of many women who will fly and transport planes to various bases. She leaves the farm she has known as home and lives her dream. She meets other female pilots and officers fighting in the war. She gets close to one and starts a torrid romance. But along the way there’s heartbreak when someone close to her is killed and the man she thinks she loves may not be the one that she does love. A sweeping story set over a number of years that will keep the reader engaged throughout.

You can pick up Glamour Girls in stores on Tuesday, January 12th from Crooked Lane.

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