Book Review: ‘Girls At The Edge Of The World: A Novel’ By Laura Brooke Robson

The world of Girls At The Edge Of The World is full of floods that wipe out all but a select group of people. The land of Kostrov is preparing for another flood and has boats built and stocked. The royals, noble people and select others are the ones who will be saved first. And for the Royal Flyers, they expect to be on the boats as well. There a group who are silk performers and are a select group to get into. King Nikolia is looking for a wife and it could be any of the young girls of his kingdom. When the Flers learn they may not be on the boats, they vie for his hand in marriage. Natasha is trying really hard to win him, even though she has feelings for a fellow silk Ella. Ella meanwhile has a plot where she’s trying to take out the King. Told from different points of views their worlds will finally collide with each other. A solid tale that has well-written characters and an interesting story that keeps you engaged as you read along and wonder what will happen to these people.

You can pick up Girls At The Edge Of The World in stores on Tuesday, June 8th from Dial Books.

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