Book Review: ‘Girl Unknown’ Asks The Question What Would You Do If She Said I Am Your Daughter?

Karen Perry is the pen name of the writing duo of Paul Perry and Karen Gillece out of Dublin. They each have released critically acclaimed novels on their own. Now they have released Girl Unknown (in stores Tuesday, February 6; Henry Holt and Company). It asks the question of what would you do if a 18 year old girl walked into you office and said I think you’re my father.

David is a teacher at University and is on his way to his office when a girl named Zoe asks to talk to him. He asks her to make an appointment to meet him in his office when he meets with students. When she doesn’t make an appointment he begins to wonder and he has been thinking about her. When she finally shows up she says ‘I think you’re my father’ and David is stunned. Her mother Linda is someone he had a fling with years ago and they broke up and he never talked to her again. He is stunned and not sure what to do. They do a DNA test and it confirms the news.

David and Caroline have married for over 15 years and have two kids. She has been staying home since the kids have been born but is ready to go back to work. David has a chance to move up at University. Now he has to tell his wife and kids about this girl. It doesn’t go over very well but they are going to make an effort with Zoe. A mistake that they will live to regret.

She becomes a part of their lives and moves in with them. She is all nice and lovey to David’s face but is different with Caroline and the kids. She is manipulative and deceitful. She soon starts to tear the family apart. The more she’s in their lives the worst things get until tragedy strikes and it could tear the family apart forever. The story builds to a climatic ending with a twist you don’t see coming.

An interesting story that makes you think how you react if this happened to you. Would you take things slow and have blinders on or would you jump in at face value? The story is told either through David or Caroline’s point of view and what they’re thinking. It makes for a more enjoyable read from that perspective. You can decide for yourself on Tuesday, February 6th.

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