Book Review: ‘Girl Gone Mad’ By Avery Bishop

The past always has a way of coming back to haunt for. For Emily Bennett and the five other girls of their youth in middle school had a group called The Harpies. It was then that they invited Grace Farmer to join. It was a plan to bully her. Grace and her mother left the town they lived in after Grace tried to commit suicide.

14 years later and karma seems to have come to the group. Two of the original girls have committed suicide. So Emily and Courtney (another member if the group) decide to investigate why this has happened. As they get in touch with the remaining harpies who seem to have someone after them, it seems that Grace may be getting her revenge. Just who is behind all this leads to a startling reveal.

A solid thriller that shows how bullying is not something that should be done and it’s on full display here. With some twists and turns the reader will engaged throughout.

You can pick up Girl Gone Mad in stores on Tuesday, September 1st.

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