Book Review: ‘Gimme Some Sugar’ Is The Next Fun Southern Eclectic Novel

Author Molly Harper is back with her latest Southern Eclectic novel set in Lake Sackett, Georgia. Everyone in this small town knows everyone, is possibly related and knows everyone’s business. The McCready family is back in full force with this story centering on Duffy, the son of Donna and Lucy Brewer. She’s moved back to town following the tragic death of her husband Wayne.

Duffy and Lucy were best friends growing up and he secretly was in love with her from the day he met her. She ended up with Wayne before he ever told her and he ended up with a train wreck named Lana (who he divorced). Lucy is back in town and living in her late dad’s house and opening a bakery shop. She also has her young son Sam to take care of. Soon Lucy and Duffy re-kindle their friendship and explore making it more. Lucy has to deal with her meddling mother-in-law and a health inspector who looks for any little thing to mark her down. But she has Duffy by her side and debates if she can let this be more and possibly lose the friendship.

All the quirky characters are back including Frankie, Tootie (with her dogs), Margot and the rest. These characters and stories are really enjoyable and fun to read. You feel like these people are your friends by this point in the story and look forward to visiting with them. And beware with this book you will be hungry for cake and sweets with all the baking Lucy does!

You can pick up Gimme Some Sugar in stores on Tuesday, April 2nd

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