Book Review: ‘Getting Hot With The Scot’ Is A Fun, Sexy Romantic Novel

Getting Hot With The Scot is a fun, sexy, romantic debut novel from author Melonie Johnson. It follows Cassie Crow, who lives in Chicago and works as a pop-culture reporter on a morning TV show. She’s on a summer vacation with four of her girlfriends touring various places in Europe. She has only one thing she wants to do, hook up with a hot man while there.

In Scotland she gets her chance. She meets Logan Reid (a sexy Highland Scot), who hosts a prank type internet show. She unintentionally is part of a skit. She refuses to sign a release to let it air. So Logan goes to meet with her and hangs out with her for the night and they have hot sex (and the scenes are quite steamy). Cassie leaves the next day and has not signed any release.

Logan chases her down in London because he is smitten with her. He has the release but doesn’t tell her he is there for it. They end up having more hot times until she discovers the release and some other little lies he told. Her vacation over she heads back to Chicago without talking to Logan and yes she did sign the release.

Logan can’t stop thinking about her and he has to go to Chicago to sign a TV. He calls her and they hang out again and get serious about each other. But he says he never wants to get married and Cassie starts to question things with him. And this could be a deal breaker unless Logan can overcome his hangups and issues with commitment.

A perfect summer read full of fun characters, romance and hot sex. How can you go wrong if this is the kind of book you like!

It’s in stores on Tuesday, April 30th from St. Martin’s Paperbacks.

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