Book Review: ‘Getaway: A Novel’ By Zoje State

Imogen has been more of a loner and afraid since she witnessed the mass shooting in Pittsburgh. To try and help her out her sister Beck decides they should go camping with their old friend Tilda (who Imogen had a falling out with years ago) in the Grand Canyon. They use to go there as kids and had a lot of fun. So the three reunite and start their adventure. There’s still tension among them and then they realize somene is stalking them and stealing their supplies. And soon they make the mistake of confronting the person responsible and find themselves in deadly danger and will have to put their differences aside in order to survive.

A solid psycholigical thriller, where the setting is key to the story. Author Stage keeps the tension high, as we wonder how the girls will get out alive.

You can pick up Getaway in stores now from Mulholland Books.

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