Book Review: ‘Get A Life, Chloe Brown’ Has One Of The Best Love Stories All Year

Chloe Brown has had it. She can no longer live at home and let her illnesses dictate her life, she has a variety of things and takes a lot of medicines. She has moved out and gotten her own place. Since she has her own business (she’s a computer geek who does sites and other stuff) she doesn’t have to leave home much. She also has money. She also doesn’t like her super Red. Although she does watch him through her window when he paints half naked and admires his looks.

Red has taken the job in his best friend’s building after leaving London and an abusive relationship (and it was he who was abused). He’s a nice guy who fixes things and gets along with most of the tenants. He’s attracted to Chloe as well.

Chloe has made a list of things she wants to do to shake up her life. Things like going camping, getting drunk, having a crazy one night stand, ride on a motorcyle and other things. When Chloe climbs a tree to save a cat, Red helps her out and the ice is broken between them. Soon they are hanging out and he’s helping her with some of the things on her list. In exchange she is making him a website.

Their friendship (and they are like a ying and yang with each other) grows and soon they discover that they really like each other and it progresses to the next level. But with typical rom-coms things happen and it may not work out. But even if it doesn’t, it has made both of them better people and helped them grow as individuals.

This is a great story with well-written characters that you really root for. The story is told from alternating vies from Chloe and Red as you follow their adventure. These may be the two best characters all year in rom-coms. And warning author Talia Hibbert can write some explicit, erotic scenes. You may need a cold shower after reading some of them (I did!).

You can pick up Get A Life, Chloe Brown in stores on Tuesday, November 5th from Avon.

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