Book Review: ‘Gangland: A Novel’ By Chuck Hogan

Author Chuck Hogan (The Town) never writes a bad book and his streak continues with Gangland, a mafia story set in the 1970’s Chicago. The Outfit is run by Tony Accardo and his right hand man Nicky Passero, who takes out boss of Chicago Sam Giancana, with six shots to the face, before he might have ratted out to the feds. Things get sticky when a group robs a jewelry store and then Tony’s house. Tony is livid and has Nicky take care of business. Nicky is also under the thumb of an FBI agent, who wants information from him. Nicky, who runs a bowling alley, does his best to play both sides and to be able to keep his wife and young son safe. Things begin to close in on all sides, there’s a string of murders, blackmail and Nicky must do what he can to keep his family safe. This is one of the best books of the summer and is right up there with Don Winslow’s mafia book earlier this year (City On Fire) and filled with lots of 70’s pop-culture, including Edge Of Night references (an older soap I watched as a child and a story involving a porn star actor) and bowling, something I also did in the 70’s. The mob is fun to follow along with and you really root for Nicky to survive everything. A perfect late summer read.

You can pick up Gangland in stoes on Tuesday, August 2nd from Grand Central.

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