Book Review: ‘Game Of Snipers’ Is The Next Thrilling Bob Lee Swagger Novel

Book number eleven in the Bob Lee Swagger series and there’s no let up for Bob. In his early 70’s he once again is out helping to save the country from a deadly sniper who is killing people and has a main target he wants to take down.

Bob is content sitting at his ranch in Idaho and watching the animals wander by in his back yard when a woman named Janet McDowell comes to visit him. She has spent years and a lot of money trying to track down the person Juba that killed her son many years ago. A man who has a very high powered sniper gun that can kill from a very long distance. After their talk Bob agrees to go to Israel and talk to some friends about finding this man. They are closet to getting him but he gets away. He’s tracked to the United States.

Bob comes back home and is working with the FBI and special units trying to track down Juba. It’s a race across the country as each time they get close Joba seems to get away. It finally leads to one deadly show down that could very well be the end of Bob Lee Swagger.

My first time reading one of these Bob Lee Swagger books and he is awesome. The character is a smart guy who knows what he is doing. The story starts off fast and never lets up. It’s a thrill ride right up to the climatic ending. Here’s to more Bob Lee Swagger novels.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, July 30th from Putnam.

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