Book Review: ‘From Bad To Cursed: A Novel’ By Lana Harper

The second book in the Thistle Grove series (first book was Payback’s A Witch) is a solid follow-up and further explores the four witchy families. It’s a magical mystery that continues to build on book one and is very enjoyable. This time it centers on Rowan Thorn. Issa Avramov is a necromantic witch and a lover of animals. She also holds a grudge again Rowan for costing her a job as volunteer at a shelter. Dark magic has been hitting the town leading up to Beltain Festival and Issa is the prime suspect in what’s been going on. When Rowan starts investigating, he teams up with Issa and a spark ignites between them. They find there’s a lot more going on than they thought and also learn a lot more about each other and their families and it leads to a shocking reveal.

You can pick up From Bad To Cursed in stores on Tuesday, May 17th from Berkley.

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