Book Review: ‘From A Paris Balcony: A Novel’ By Ella Carey

A dual-storyline is the highlight of this novel from author Ella Carey. In England, in 1895, Louisa West, from Boston, seems to have it all with a hunky husband, a manor to rule over, and one day even be a duchess, but things are not as good as they seem. Her husband leaves her after the honeymoon, and she’s all alone, so she decides to go to Paris, where tragedy strikes. In Boston in the year 2015, Sarah West has been divorced, and both her parents have died. As she sorts through her parent’s stuff, she finds a letter about Louisa, someone she never knew about. The rumors in the family were she died from suicide, by flinging herself off a Paris balcony. But Sarah doesn’t believe it, and decides to go to Paris, and try to figure out what really happened, but sometimes things are better left in the past. Any book set in Paris I will read. The dual story works great, and we are engaged in the mystery, and you will not want to put it down. A great end of the year read.

You can pick up From A Paris Balcony in stores now.

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