Book Review: ‘Freefall: A Novel’ Is A Great Debut Thriller For Author Jessica Barry

Author Jessica Barry’s debut thriller is a page-turning, nail-biting, twisty tale for a great new voice in fiction. The story has so many twists and turns, you will be on the edge of your seat until the climatic shocking twist to the story.

Allison has been in a bad plane crash in the Colorado Rockies. The pilot who was her fiancee has died. She’s in bad shape but knows she has to move and quickly. As someone is after her and to wait for help could be the end of her. She gathers as many supplies as she can and starts moving down the martin. A mysterious man shows up and knows she has survived and left the crash. He’s hot on her trail. She is presumed dead and her mother is alerted.

In a small Maine city Maggie Carpenter is given the news her only daughter might be dead. Although no body was found she is presumed dead after the plane has exploded. Maggie doesn’t believe or want to believe she’s dead until a body is found.

Each chapter is told from either Allison or Maggie’s perspective. We learn what Allison has gone through, where she was and where she was going. And we she was in danger through backstory.

Maggie starts learning about her daughters life and is shocked at what she finds. She starts to dig deeper into her life and what she starts to find makes her think that maybe Allison was murdered (if she’s dead at all). The more digging she does puts her life in danger.

When Allison learns that everyone thinks she’s dead it could be her way out. She has to let her mother know she’s still alive and makes a plan to get to her. But it may be to late as people are now after both of them and time is running out.

The chapters alternating between Allison and Maggie makes the story much more enjoyable and just when you think you know what is going on, the twists kick in and bam it’s a whole new ballgame. I can’t wait to see what other gems author Jessica Barry will come up with in the future.

You can pick up Freefall in stoes on Tuesday, January 8th From Harper Collins.

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