Book Review: ‘Fox Creek: A Cork O’Connor Novel’ By William Kent Krueger

I read my first Cork O’Connor book last year and I really liked it. Now author Kent Krueger is back with his next book in the series (number 19) and it’s another thrilling ride. Right from the beginning, all the way to end, all action and you won’t want to put it down. A woman named Dolores Morriseau has come to the Northwoods seeking answers to questions and healer Henry is more than happy to try and help her, along with Cork’s wife Rainy. Meanwhile Cork gets a visit from a man who claims to be the husband of Delores trying to find her and wants to hire Cork (he’s a P.I.) to find her. When Cork goes to them, he finds out the man is an impostor and no one seems to know why. Then Henry, Dolores and Rainy are on the run from men who are after them in the woods. Cork is on the hunt to find them and save them and it’s a dramatic chase that will leave injuries and shocking truths. Just who are these men and why are the chasing after Dolores (it all has something to do with her husband and information he has) and before it’s all over, one man will claim his destiny and be the key to saving everyone.

You can pick up Fox Creek in stores on Tuesday, August 23rd from Atria.

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