Book Review: ‘Four Aunties And A Wedding: A Novel’ By Jesse Q. Sutanto

The sequel to Dial A For Aunties (which I did not read) is a hilarious, fun, well-written and great novel. It’s the book we need right now and may be the funniest novel you’ll read all year long. In the first book a year ago Meddy Chan and her four aunties covered up a murder. And now it’s time for Meddy and Nathan to get married. Everyone in her family is happy and the aunties and her mother of course are driving her crazy. They decide to hire wedding vendors to run the wedding so the family can enjoy everything. Meddy overhears a phone conversation and it turns out the vendors are part of the mafia and planning to murder someone at the wedding. Meddy confronts her and it turns out they know about the murder last year and tell Meddy to keep her mouth shut. She tells the aunties and then chaos insues as they try to figure out who will be murdered and how to stop it. Because you do not mess with the Chan family…ever!

You can pick up Four Aunties And A Wedding in stores on Tuesday, April 5th from Berkley.

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