Book Review: ‘Foul Is Fair: A Novel’ By Hannah Capin

Elle, Mads, Jenny and Summer are well off LA teenagers. They like to think that their little clique are it. They decide to dress up and attend a party at a prep school on Elle’s sixteenth birthday. Big mistake. Elle’s drink is spiked and she’s gang raped by four of the guys at the party. Elle confesses to her friends, who act like they are a witch coven and she plans revenge and asks for their help. She also confesses to her parents, who are outraged but will let her get her revenge.

It starts with changing her name to Jade and getting her influential father to get her into St. Andrew’s Prep. There she plots her revenge, with the help of her three friends. She is known as the new girl. She befriends Mack, who is friends with group of guys as her in to hang with them. They don’t recognize her since she changed her look.

The revenge plans begin but soon Jade starts to have feelings for Mack and it could change what she has planned. Her friends are not happy about this and Jade must decide what path she will take going forward.

The story is said to be a modern day telling of Macbeth. Since I never read that and vaguely know the story, I would more compare this to the movie The Craft (which is an awesome movie). The story is told from Jade’s point of view (at times I have trouble following the story) but found I had to keep reading to see where it would go. A captivating novel.

You can pick up Foul Is Fair in stores on Tuesday, February 4th from Wednesday Books.

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